Reportoire - Why you should try bonding

A steady relationship is built on the promise of new and exciting adventures. This rule is applicable to all the aspects that constitute a healthy couple connection, including the sexual part. If you do not bring something kinky to bed every now and then, your usual nights of love-making could soon be dreaded by both of you. BDSM is a very effective way of sparking back to life a dying sexual relationship. Also, this fetish has a wide range of applications, which means that you never run out of fresh ideas.

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Start practicing BDSM now

It is never too late to try BDSM with your partner. If you already had intercourse a few times, it is perfectly fine to talk about what excites both of you the most. You might find out that she is into the same kinky fetish that you are into, which will make sex even better. If she’s not into bondage, or if you are not into submission, you should still try each other’s favorite fetish. Slowly but surely you will find a common ground and enjoy your time under the sheets.

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Why is BDSM not working for you?

Some couples try BDSM a few times only to find out that it does not suit them. That is perfectly normal, and it should not bother you if you come to the same conclusion. However, keep in mind that BDSM stands for Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism. These are four different practices with several ways of interpretation. Before you completely dismiss BDSM out of your life make sure that you are not actually trying the wrong sex toys.

Increase bonding with your partner

BDSM comes natural to many couples because it stimulates our primal needs to dominate and to submit. This fetish will make sex with your partner hurt a little more, but the outcome will be spectacular. Not only will you achieve memorable orgasms, but you will also strengthen the emotional bond that exists between you and her.