HExperimenting BDSM gets you better sexome

BDSM is a sex practice that has increased in popularity over the past few years. The acronym stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism. Besides its exotic image of a daring sexual activity, BDSM has a great number of benefits for its practitioners. You can actually increase your sexual performance and become better in bed by using these kinky moves with your escort Paris or with your partner.

BDSM for a healthy relationship

Studies have shown that couples who practice BDSM are happier and have a higher level of intimacy. On the other hand, people who are prude or who fear experimenting with their partners live short and unhappy relationships. By introducing bondage, dominance or masochism to your sex life you achieve a new level of understanding with your partner. Also, if these are your main fetishes but you are single, you can always contact a few escorts like with whom you can practice your favorite fantasies.

Get amazing orgasms with BDSM

Bondage and submission trigger the brain’s need for power and humiliation. In a couple that practices BDSM one partner is always turned on by the need to dominate, while the other is excited when it is forced to submit. Through kinky, yet safe positions and techniques both of them can reach satisfaction. You have to test this fetish to see just how much it turns you on. If your partner is reluctant to give it a go, call an escort Paris and practice BDSM with her. These hot, sexy girls love sexual adventures and are always ready to try new ways of having intercourse.

Sex positions that relieve stress

BDSM had a very bad reputation until just a few decades ago. Even if most of its sexual rituals have been practiced for thousands of years, people were used to hide their fetishes to avoid public stigmatization. Nowadays, scientific studies have proven that this sexual practice is perfectly normal and healthy for people who can only achieve orgasm this way. In fact, many men use bondage and masochism with their escorts as a stress relief from their busy lives.

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Become a more trusting sexual partner

As you practice more BDSM moves with your partner, you increase the level of trust and intimacy in your relationship. Regular sex is unable to provide this strong and unique bond. So, if you want to take your connection with an escort Paris to an unprecedented level, introduce bondage and sadism to your usual intercourse.

Increase your “sexperience” with BDSM

Experience is crucial if you want to have as many sexual conquests as possible. This means that you have to try different ways of intercourse, use sex toys and increase the level of kinkiness. A guaranteed recipe for becoming a super stud is to practice BDSM with your escorts. Find the ones that list this fetish among their preferences and ask them out for a play date.

Safe experimenting for better results

When couples practice BDSM for a long time they feel the need to step it up a notch. This impulse has led to many documented injuries, some of which were fatal. Therefore, if you wish to increase the level of sadism and masochism when having sex with your escorts Paris, do it in a safe way. Experimenting is always fun until somebody gets seriously hurt.